Toy Power - Atin Batra

About Me

Hi, my name is Atin Batra!

Current Projects:

  1. Accelerator Lead – blueprint, Swire Properties Limited
  2. Director and Founder, ab.Initio..HK Ltd.
  3. Curating content at ABC/D – AB’s Content of the Day
  4. Co-curator, Startup Digest Hong Kong
  5. Curator, Founded in Hong Kong
  6. Organising team, Startup Weekend Hong Kong
  7. Hong Kong Ambassador, StartupTravels

Past Projects:

  1. Founder, HUK
  2. Co-Director, Startup Grind Hong Kong
  3. Brand Manager, The Economic Times (print edition)
  4. Station Head/Production Head at Micavaani – a community radio station
  5. Convenor and Secretary General, WORDMUN ’08 & ’09 – a pan-India students’ conference

The Story

In December 2013, I founded my very own digital marketing agency ab.Initio..HK Ltd. The company specialises in social media management and online advertising. Over the years, we have built websites and web applications for clients – I love project management, building digital solutions for people. Lately, we’ve begun to spend a lot of time on content marketing.

I guess I’ve been preparing for the shift to content for some time…

I’ve always had a fascination for the written word. It started off with print, and I used to read so voraciously that I would regularly pull all-nighters to finish a book. But once I realised that digital would be the way forward, I’ve been reading online ever since.

I still read a lot. A lot. All of it online. Most of it about digital media, technology and startups.

There are 2 sections to my writing:

  1. ABC/D – AB’s Content of the Day, an initiative to share one interesting piece of content, one read/view that will enrich your day. (a Medium Publication).
  2. Everything else – musings on social media, marketing, technology, startups, etc. which I publish here and on Medium.

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