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ABC/D 14.01.14: Animations are the rage!

A New York-based Google employee made the following stop motion and set me thinking on this topic.

A stop motion film about a surreal moment on a lazy Sunday morning. We shot this entirely on Google Glass over 4 days, with over 1000 photos and drawings. Made by a group of animator and filmmaker friends here in New York, jamming on the weekends.

I think animations have become a popular medium because we’ve come to demand more from the art of storytelling, and the techniques and technology used in animation provide malleable building blocks to the truly worthy story tellers. Animation has made it into TV commercials, product videos, etc. which also shows that we’ve begun to relate to the characters as well as we’d relate to human beings urging us to go out and buy a particular good. Can you relate to the following video?

Thanks to technology and myriad applications that we have on our smartphones, stop motions have become even more ubiquitous.

Here’s a guy I admire a lot, from the tech (reporting) scene: Mr. Lance Ulanoff. The Editor-in-Chief of Mashable may be a ‘tech expert, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan’ in his Twitter bio; but he’s much more than an amateur cartoonist on Vine. This Google Glass-donning cool guy is the foremost expert on Vine stop-motions, most of which are so well looped you’d be hard pressed to find the break.

And finally, a crew of Lego artists from Bricktease just proved how nerdy they are, in a brilliant way! They recreate the iconic car chase scene from the movie The Blues Brothers. The video goes into such minor details as ‘every wrecked window, startled mall-goer and bumbling cop from the classic film’ (Source: Mashable).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the scene.

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