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ABC/D 20.01.14: Apps that help remote working!

I recently came across this article on Inc.: 10 Apps That Make Managing Projects Remotely a Breeze.

Remote Working is becoming a far-from-remote possibility today, much thanks to the proliferation of computing and broadband internet connectivity. A number of established corporation and startups are offering the option to their employees, furthering the thought that talent is valued, irrespective of location.

Of the apps listed, I personally recommend Basecamp. I’ve used it extensively for a project myself. It has Projects, Calendar (for each project) and a Timeline-inspired Progress tab. Within each Project are Discussions (like forum threads), To-dos and Files. While it lacks the option to video conference, everything else is pretty much all you need.

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Atin Batra

Atin Batra is the Accelerator Lead at blueprint, Swire Properties’ tech focussed co-working space and B2B accelerator in Hong Kong. An ex-entrepreneur, Atin is a digital marketer by profession, startup mentor/connector by passion!

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