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ABC/D 02.12.13: It’s that time of the year! Christmas!

I’m an Indian, who’s lived in India all of his life, barring a couple of years of accumulated flyer miles. India, in recent years, has warmed considerably to the winter festival and the manic shopping associated with it. This is reflected in the way shopping malls across the country have started dressing themselves up in preparation, in an effort to incite cityfolk to splurge on the holiday offers.

But, nothing can match the hectic build-up one sees in countries around the world, not least in the US and Canada. (Indians are well versed with the frenzy, albeit for Diwali — the biggest Indian festival). Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day are mere sideshows to the centrepiece: CHRISTMAS!

“I dont know whats in the box, but I love it.
Unopened gifts contain hope.”
— Jarod Kintz

As part of the worldwide effort to be consumed by consumerism (not making a judgement here, I’m contributing myself), some erstwhile outfits have compiled the following awesome drool-worthy stocking stuffer ideas:


1. The 2013 99U Gift Guide for Getting Things Done

This list of 22 productivity tools is a useful source if you’re gifting to nitpicking organisation-freaks!

My favorites among them are:

a) Jumbo Flip Clock — I’ve always wanted one of these. Will definitely buy one this X’mas.

Jumbo Flip Clock - AB


b) Philips Wake-up Light — Personally, I’m not one for artificial light, preferring open curtains to switching on a light; so I like the way it simulates daylight.

Philips Wake Up Light - AB


c) Coin — This has been on my must-watch list since I discovered it a month ago. 8 stored credit/debit/loyalty/membership cards in one piece, that’s a lot of convenience for something so small.

Coin - AB



2. The Quartz holiday gift guide:Connect to the internet of things

My personal favorite from among all 4 lists is this one! The internet of things — remains, by far, the most intriguing set of products. I, a non-techy, am filled with absolute wonder everytime I see or read about one of those.

I want them all, but my favorites from this list (albeit a very short one at just 5 products) are:

a) Little Printer — ‘Use your smartphone to subscribe to over 150 different publications and Little Printer will gather them into a timely, miniature newspaper, printed at the push of a button.’ (hmmm, can I blackmail my family/friends to buy me this?)

Little Printer - AB


b) WeMo Insight Switch — Home Automation seems too far a concept for us here in India, as of now. But, the possibilities with an internet-connected switch are as wondrous as the device itself, I suppose. The author presents the example of how, with the help of IFTTT, ‘when my Jawbone Up detects I’m awake, (the switch will) turn on my coffee maker’. Also, it seems engineers at Quartz (my go-to online news publication) ‘ built the (a) lightbulb in our office that lit up whenever Quartz was mentioned on Twitter’.


WeMo Instant Switch - AB


3. The Quartz holiday gift guide: Pro tools for the extremely mobile

The second instalment of the Quartz Holiday Gift Guide consists of a further 5 products, these ones are all meant for the compulsive mobile accessoriser (is there such a word?).

I’ve singled out just one from this list:

a) Pencil — I’m terrible at art. Fifty-Three is that rare app that I love for its UI, the experience et al, but just can’t use due to my own skills!


Fifty Three (53) Pencil - AB


4. 2013 CNET Holiday Gift Guide

The last list is a pretty extensive one. CNET has compiled the ultimate tech gift guide, with suggestions under 12 heads: Tablets and ebook Readers; Smartphones; PCs and Macs; Gaming; Cameras; Portable Audio; Car and Car Tech; Appliances; Printers and Peripherals; Home Theatre; Wearable Tech and Televisions. (there are further sub-heads in each!)

That’s a long list to go through, but I’m drooling over:

a) Moto X — While I will never give up my iPhone, this seems like the only droid I wouldn’t mind carrying around (as a second phone of course). The 10 MP camera and the bright colors are appealing but for me the standout feature is ‘OK Google’.

Moto X - AB


b) MacBook Air 13″ — I have a MacBook Pro, but I need a lighter option when I travel. I do. (the iPad doesn’t work as well :p)

MacBook Air'13 - AB


c) Jawbone Up24 — My younger hip sister has been attempting to bring me over to the dark side on this. I do believe I’m now ready for an activity tracker.

Jawbone Up24 - AB


d) V-Moda Crossfade M-100 — You had me at Kevlar-reinforced cables. A 36-inch wire for Apple with a compatible in-line one-button remote and microphone, rugged build strong enough to survive 70-plus impacts from a height of six feet onto a concrete floor and a steel-reinforced headband that can be flattened 10 times and still return to its original curve.

V-Moda Headphones - AB

e) Tesla Model S — The most expensive of the lot, but the most drool-worthy too. The car of the future. An environment-friendly electric car that looks stylish to the core. Someday, my friend, someday.

Tesla Model S - AB

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