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ABC/D 03.12.13: Minimal User Action, Maximum User Engagement!

It’s all about user engagement – is it not?

Early last month, I discovered Polar – Instant Opinions or as the domain says polarb.com — A or B. That’s it! That’s the essence of Polar — this or that.

While it is available for perusal on the web, the best way to discover/use the network is via the iOS app (not on android yet). If you are interested in creating a poll, that option is available only to iOS app users.

Let me warn you — it is addictive!

Within the first 10 minutes of my visit to the app, I had voted on 20 different polls and that number just kept growing exponentially as time went on. You see, to vote/weigh in, what do you have to do — just click/tap. Thoroughly engaging!

Who's A Better CEO on Polar - AB

Last week, I discovered List Challenges. As you can well imagine, the website pits you against your friends/connections and determines who’s ticked off more things off a list. The lists revolve around 4 topics: Movies, Books, Food and Other. While not as addictive as Polar, List Challenges is also guilty of eating up a huge chunk of my time.

Both the websites/platforms require the least action from the user — just a click, right?
But, the content and UI is so engaging that it leads to addiction.

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Atin Batra is the Accelerator Lead at blueprint, Swire Properties’ tech focussed co-working space and B2B accelerator in Hong Kong. An ex-entrepreneur, Atin is a digital marketer by profession, startup mentor/connector by passion!

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