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ABC/D 26.11.13: Our jobs are killing us!

I know the presenter has titled his talk differently, but I believe that the crux of his presentation is the title of this post (plus it’s provocative!).

Simon O. Sinek, an author best known for popularising the concept of “The Golden Circle” and “Start With Why”, is also a popular TEDx speaker, who goes about inspiring people with talks about leadership and human behaviour. He presented the following talk ‘Why Leaders Eat Last’ at 99U(Behance’s initiative to bring out content related to creative insights, processes etc.):

Granted, it is long at 45:50, but believe me it is worth the time spent. Let me highlight some important points.

His theory revolves around the 4 main chemicals within a human body:

  1. Endorphin — peptides of exhilaration
  2. Dopamine — addictive reward neurotransmitter
  3. Serotonin — an inhibitive neurotransmitter
  4. Oxytocin — the love hormone

He explains how each of the chemicals impacts a human being’s behaviour or his/her decision-making process, and have done so from prehistoric times.

He concludes his presentation by letting on how stress (of the ‘work’ kind) is responsible for many of the problems we face today including seemingly unrelated health issues.

Our jobs ARE killing us!

For what he actually said, you will have to watch the video as you should. Hope you enjoy the share.

H/t to Mr. Gurin Pal Singh, who shared the video on Facebook, leading me to find it. Thank you.

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