ABC/D 13.01.14: Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur!

People who love studying, always study; even after topping the class.

People who love telling stories, always tell stories; even after being awarded for it (let’s say).

And, more importantly for us, people who love building products, continue to build products; even after having built a highly successful product.

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ABC/D 02.12.13: It’s that time of the year! Christmas!

I’m an Indian, who’s lived in India all of his life, barring a couple of years of accumulated flyer miles. India, in recent years, has warmed considerably to the winter festival and the manic shopping associated with it. This is reflected in the way shopping malls across the country have started dressing themselves up in preparation, in an effort to incite cityfolk to splurge on the holiday offers.

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ABC/D 27.11.13: Billboards are dead!

I work for a business newspaper, and my office is at the centre of India’s capital city New Delhi. As is the wont with bachelors working in metros, I live in the suburbs. The erstwhile Google Maps tells me that my home and my workplace are 20 kms apart, the drive takes me 40 minutes. As a dipstick exercise in preparation for this post, I counted the number of billboards that lie in my line of vision during this tiresome drive. 43. 43 billboards in a 20 km stretch of road, that’s 2.1 pieces of outdoor advertising for every km I drive. Granted there are actually multiple hoardings at red lights along the way (some places even up to 9), still that’s a lot of advertising to be exposed to.

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Introduction! To AB’s Content of the Day!

I read a lot. A lot.
And all of it online. Most of it about digital media and technology.

Usually, I would just share this with my colleagues, or people I meet, the next day. At a point of time, various individuals began asking me to share with them interesting content that I come across on the internet, on a regular basis.

In my attempt to do so, began ‘ABC/D’ – AB’s Content of the Day, an initiative to share one interesting piece of content, one read/view that will enrich your day.