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ABC/D 01.12.13: Rioters on Twitter (s)

I ended the previous ABC/D post with the story of a promoted tweet that was bought by a disgruntled British Airways customer.

Re-posting the tweet by @HVSVN


Today, allow me to share with you some very innovative and intriguing brand interactions on twitter. Twitter, my boss postulates, is for inarticulate individuals to voice what they think. Personally, I agree with that fully, and yet believe, that it is so much more.

There are individuals who can’t write a long post so try and state their opinions on twitter. Other individuals attempt to fit in their ill-organised thoughts within a tweet, and fail miserably.

But, the fun — the fun lies with the individuals who don’t let 140 characters limit them or their wit.

And when these individuals (the fun ones) man the twitter accounts of some of the world’s biggest brands, the result is explosive!

1. Oreo and KitKat

This is my personal favorite!
On the hitherto uneventful day of 13th March, 2013, @Laura_ellenxx tweeted “Can tell I like chocolate a bit too much when I’m following @KITKAT and @Oreo hahahahahah”. KitKat decided to battle it out with Oreo, for Laura’s ‘affections’.

Oreo responded with:

Oreo’s unexpected response was considered a win all-around.

2. Old Spice and Taco Bell

It all started with Old Spice taking a dig at Taco Bell’s famous “fire sauce”.

While Old Spice retaliated later, Taco Bell definitely came out the winner in this round.

3. Smart Car

Smart Car has had its own share of haters. Mr. Clayton was just another one of them.

Science defeats all!

4. T-Mobile and AT&T

Twitter is considered a very robust and effective medium to keep tabs on consumer feelings. Many brands use their twitter handles as a support service, and there are innumerable tweets sent out every day complaining about brands and their customer service. While this phenomenon affords a brilliant opportunity for competitors to indulge in targeted advertising and customer-wooing, few brands have been able to capitalise on it fully. T-Mobile, however, went in for the win!

To end it all, the @TMobile CEO stepped in within 5 hours of the first tweet

And the customer was sold (on the brand).

5. Tesco Mobile and a riot

Earlier this month, @RiccardoEspaa7 tweeted:

I don’t know what it means, to be very honest, but it turned into a twitter conversation that will be spoken of for decades to come.
Read it here.
And, follow it here.
[Sorry for leading you off, but it is way too long to reproduced here, and I would not be able to do it justice if I decided to share just some of the responses.]

So those were some examples that I could think of, if you’d like to add, please do not hesitate to leave a not or share with me on twitter.

Let me end the post with the tweet considered the corner stone of brand engagement and that has been retweeted almost 16,000 times, and features in Google Search results itself.

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