ABC/D 05.02.14: StandWhere – the cheat code for Hong Kong MTR travellers!

If you live in Hong Kong, travel by the MTR and own a smartphone – there’s a 9 in 10 chance that you already have the official MTR Mobile on your phone. But you don’t really use it, right? Because you already know your route by heart. Right down to which part of the station to get on and off at.

However, if you’re headed for a meeting and don’t want to waste time traversing an entire station to get to the desired exit, what you need is the StandWhere app! The StandWhere app provides you with the optimum walking route to get in and out of the MTR, down to the door you should enter a particular car from (each car has 5 doors, by the way). All this information is available within 6 taps.

Tap 1: Launch the App

Stand where Launch - AB

Tap 2 & 3: Select the Origin Station

Tap 4 & 5: Select the Destination Station

Tap 6: Tap StandWhere

Standwhere Icon - AB

You could even select which method of getting off the station you prefer – the escalators, the stairs or the elevator.

What is more, if you fed in a route that includes a train change, the app tells you which car you should be in so that you’re on the other train within 25 steps (I counted, yes).

Standwhere Change - AB

The clincher is that the app is free and works without an internet connection. While the app is unavailable for Android, you can download the app for your iPhones from iTunes.

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Atin Batra

Atin Batra is the Accelerator Lead at blueprint, Swire Properties’ tech focussed co-working space and B2B accelerator in Hong Kong. An ex-entrepreneur, Atin is a digital marketer by profession, startup mentor/connector by passion!

2 thoughts on “ABC/D 05.02.14: StandWhere – the cheat code for Hong Kong MTR travellers!”

  1. That’s such an useful app! Especially for tourists who can’t access the Internet.
    And some MTR stations are more maze-like than others and it’s difficult to explain non HK friends visiting how to find which exit. There should be an Android version for this by now, right?

    1. Glad you found the app (& this post about it) useful! Actually, you would think but I can’t find any trace of one online. And I don’t own a droid so can’t check – sorry. Do let me know if you find it though 🙂
      Thanks for reading – cheers!

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