Setting myself a 30-day writing challenge on Medium.

I started ‘ABC/D: AB’s Content of the Day’ as a Medium publication a very long time ago — November 2013. And yet, as of 31 August, I have only 12 posts in it. Obviously I’ve not been able to maintain it. There have been a couple of failed attempts at reviving it over the last year or so.

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Introduction! To AB’s Content of the Day!

I read a lot. A lot.
And all of it online. Most of it about digital media and technology.

Usually, I would just share this with my colleagues, or people I meet, the next day. At a point of time, various individuals began asking me to share with them interesting content that I come across on the internet, on a regular basis.

In my attempt to do so, began ‘ABC/D’ – AB’s Content of the Day, an initiative to share one interesting piece of content, one read/view that will enrich your day.